Safe Homecoming with Insurance Protection - Car Insurance Info
Safe Homecoming with Insurance Protection - Car Insurance Info

Safe Homecoming with Insurance Protection – Car Insurance Info

Safe Homecoming with Insurance Protection – Car Insurance Info
Hearing the word homecoming may already be familiar to the ears of Indonesian people because going home is a phenomenon that we will definitely encounter during the Eid al-Fitr. Homecoming has become a tradition for the people of Indonesia, so almost everyone who travels back and forth will pay special attention to the issue of going home. One of them is the issue of safety during the trip.


Security issues are considered important, because going home will be meaningless when the safety factor is ignored by humans. Security and safety during going home is everything and this is the desire of everyone who is going home. There are many ways that we can take to make our homecoming trips so that our homecoming trips are safe and more secure than unsafe. So what are the best steps we should take so that the safety factor is more in our favor during going home? Yes, one of them is that vehicle insurance can be the best solution to reduce risk so that security is more in favor of travelers who use vehicle insurance services.

The most obvious benefit of insurance is that it will be able to transfer the risks and heavy burdens that we experience to the company. When we enter insurance and at a certain time something bad happens to us then we can file a claim with the insurance company of our choice. So we don’t need to think about the costs we have to incur due to the losses we experience, because we just need to file a claim with the insurance company. For that we must also be careful in choosing an insurance company, because there are several insurance companies that have complicated procedures when we submit a claim. Mistakes in choosing an insurance company can be very detrimental to us in times of great need. Because of this insurance claim fund we can be helped to overcome problems or risks that must be borne.

One of the insurance companies that has won the trust of various groups is ACA vehicle insurance. its flagship product which is Otomate ACA. Asuransi Central Asia (ACA) comes with providing various protections for four-wheeled vehicles along with the benefits and benefits that will be obtained by insurance policy holders.

Asuransi Central Asia (ACA) provides 3 types of protection for motorized vehicles (4 wheels) that can be selected according to your needs, namely:


For the most complete protection and facilities, of course with competitive premiums, you can choose the ACA Automate Car Insurance Package. ACA Automate Car Insurance, is a new breakthrough from ACA. Automate Car Insurance Provides All Risk Protection and is equipped with the following extensions:

Riot, Sabotage, Terrorism maximum 100% of the coverage
Third Party Legal Liability (TJH 3) maximum 20 million.
Driver and passenger personal accident (only death) 10 million/person, maximum 8 people
Flood maximum 10% of the coverage
Earthquake maximum 10% of coverage
ACA Automate Car Insurance also provides the following facilities:

Replacement Car when your car is repaired more than two days at the workshop (maximum use of a replacement car is 5 days)
Tow truck (in case of an accident and the vehicle cannot run)
Road Side Assistance 24 hours, while only valid in Jabodetabek
Hotline Services, tel. 021-31 999 100 : access 24-hour service regarding policy information, Claims, RSA (Road Side Assistance), Tows, Ambulance, Partner workshops and ACA Services
New for Old (Replacement with a new similar car in case of loss within 6 months from the start of protection for Total Loss on new vehicles)

ACA All Risk / Comprehensive Car Insurance is the standard Insurance for Vehicle Insurance. Provides protection for your car from the risk of Loss, Theft, Car damage due to accidents.

If required, standard All Risk/Comprehensive Insurance can be supplemented with the following expansions:

Natural Disasters (Flood, Earthquake, Tsunami, Hurricane, Typhoon, Hurricane)
Riot, Terrorism, Sabotage
Third Party Legal Liability (TJH 3)
Vehicles that can be covered for All Risk / Comprehensive car insurance are vehicles with a year of manufacture starting from 2004 – 2012.

TLO (Total Lost Only)

ACA TLO Car Insurance protects your vehicle from the risk of loss or damage to the vehicle more than 75%. Protection is provided against loss caused by theft.

Vehicles that can be covered for ACA TLO (Total Lost Only) car insurance are vehicles with a year of manufacture starting from 2002 – 2012.

Given the many benefits of insurance that can be felt for users of insurance services, there is nothing wrong before you travel back and forth you can insure your favorite car.

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